Ludique Superstore


The client had a very successful business selling kids shoes, but it was time to expand the product portfolio beyond their own brand and enhance the experience in the physical stores. Ludique always has been a children brand and it needed to grow up a little, in order to embrace teens as well. The solution was to evolve the iconic aspects of their retail presence (the hot air baloons, the lavish graphics, the blue and gold colors), while bringing a more contemporary and modern look. The whole idea was centered in the fact that it was not just a planet anymore: it is a universe. It brings together kids and parents, teenagers and new iconic brands, toys and clothing. By creating a big balloon as centerpiece, we invite people in to play and create stories, and each piece of furniture adds to the experience, from the hotel-like visual merchandising carts to the playful dotted walls. The result is a total success in terms of sales and brand recall, since the new identity adds all the familiar

aspects to a sense of discovery and magic. Area: 308 m²