Martin Goya X PIG


Completion date: 2021.11

Size of project: 270 m2 Based on innovative design thinking and artistic aesthetics, the design team retained the basic framework of the existing building, and inserted "regenerated" and "instinctive" narratives and structural logic into this 270-square-meter vacant space, to present an untamed and freely growing state. The design follows the concept of sustainability by reusing existing resources. Wear-resistant and waterproof canvas was reused to wrap building facades and interior wall surfaces, which was stitched and fixed by staple guns during installation. The ceiling is finished with simple, environment-friendly water-based paint, while the floor is paved with black gravel and stone slabs, which blur the boundary between interior and outside. Recycled metal rods form a triangular installation, which highlights the visual identity of the entrance leading to the "bird nest". Through efficient design interventions, a former unused space is returned to daily use. This art space integrates multiple functions such as gallery, tea room and salon, and meanwhile explores new possibilities for combining art and commerce. It holds regular art events to offer networking opportunities, and provides young artists with a free platform which is far beyond a conventional art gallery system. It also runs a cafe here to make profits for supporting its operation. Like wild nature, the spatial layout and furnishings arrangement seem to be random and disorderly, but in fact are based on meticulous, clever thinking. Leftover building materials were transformed into regenerated materials that are low-cost and easy for maintenance, truly realizing "meaningful" construction.