MEUNIER Technology Beauty flagship store

DOMANI Architectural Concepts


This project is located in Houhai Harbour, Shenzhen and is the third flagship store of the MEUNIER brand. The interior space covers a total area of 800 square meters and was completed and opened on March 31, 2023.

The design of this project involved experimental exploration, which focused on the non-associative relationship between design concepts and spatial functional attributes, and aimed to deconstruct the experience of design creation and space. The design process abandoned the rigid association between established spatial themes and creative concepts and effectively linked randomly created points with the functional aspects of the space. Through this abstract link, the imagination boundaries of established themes were broken.

The entrance hall of the MEUNIER store displays an art installation series called "The Essence of Time", featuring a Foucault pendulum. The pendulum, which is a timing hourglass, swings back and forth in an arc due to gravity. The sand in the hourglass falls with the swinging motion, presenting an elliptical shape with periodic changes. It symbolizes the uncontrollable nature of time. In the interior space, an annular rainstick (also known as a rainmaker, a world music instrument, and a natural instrument) hangs over a green sand pool. As the rainstick rotates and swings, sounds resembling water flows are continuously produced. The white walls and ceilings surrounding the sand pool and rainstick create a visual contrast and auditory impact.

Two seemingly unrelated art installations, which have no apparent association with female themes, break through the traditional cognitive constraints of commercial spaces and female spatial themes through their non-association.

Photographer: Vincent Wu