MINI Urban Exhibition Hall, Changsha


Based on its brand culture, the design team provides customers with a differentiated experience different from the conventional shopping mall showrooms, and focuses on highlighting the display of products rather than the showroom space. This requires precise control of details, such as the lighting wattage that meets the needs of fully illuminating the products without chromatic aberration.

This is a "MINI" exhibition hall with two entrances embedded in a glass box. The "customer entrance" is the main entrance in the mall, and the "MINI exhibition hall entrance" is the entrance in the outer street. The reception desk and sales office are located on the left side of the shopping mall near the customer entrance. In the middle of the exhibition hall is the customer negotiation area, behind which is a wall for MINI owners to share travel photos.

The wall in the front is made of high-tech cement art paint, while is paved with environmentally friendly material oriented strand board. Different interfaces are divided by lamp belts, which is environmentally friendly with a good physical character and take into account aesthetics at the same time. The tracks weaving their ways through the space and whirling around give the space a powerful dynamic sense, which is the concrete carrier of the brand's core concept. It externalizes MINI's spiritual pursuit of "freedom", but the tracks that seem to shuttle freely are actually carefully designed.

Considering the huge single volume of "MINI car", the moving line in the exhibition hall needs to ensure that cars can move flexibly in it, so the design of height and direction of the tracks are limited, and the visual effect brought about by the tracks should also be taken into account.