M.M Lounge


M.M is a new business form jointly created by Suo Design and the post-90s catering team, integrating leisure culture, scene interaction and immersive experience elements. It is designed to provide multi-functional space scenes such as meeting friends, listening to music, reading and office for the fast-paced urban life crowd. M.M is a social scene with art artists portraying customers, interactive fashion art, modern design and clever music, and an experience space with meals, wine and drinks as products. Combined with Chongqing characteristics of BRUNCH&LOUNGE, with a light luxury style of Western simple food, exquisite special coffee, quality wine, interpretation of modern quiet attitude to life.

Materials of Modern materials of modern space take fashion and modern space as the keynote, to find, to touch, to explore; Let go of your mind and body and immerse yourself in stillness. M.M hopes to convey a youthful attitude of returning to the basics of life and full of passion. The modern embodiment of M.M., does not refer to hurry, nor does it refer to red wine, but to add a relaxed nature to life, so that time embraces the peace of art.