Client: Hopson Commercial

MOHO in Shanghai is a new urban cultural commercial hub, distinguishing itself from the luxury-focused West Nanjing Road commercial area by focusing on the latest fashion trends. The project embraces a “24-hour urban oasis” ecological concept that seamlessly integrates commerce and nature. 

The design seeks to create a space that evokes a sense of being close to nature and a feeling of nostalgia for the local areas. 

The concept of a “back garden” was the focal point in the space creation process, with the aim of establishing a space that would serve as a social hub and a peaceful retreat, fulfilling people’s desire for a green and natural environment amidst the bustling city. The indoor space is designed with interlacing geometries with a three-dimensional layout, giving the impression of undulating valleys.

In MOHO, the interior space is made of green materials, and is connected to nature through the greenery pocket, wood grille and continuous lighting. The space offers visitors a different view at every step and natural greenery throughout. Various greenery such as trees, flowers and ferns are planted vertically in indoor spaces. Mountain rocks, forests, stars, and other nature-inspired elements are also interpreted into the design using modern materials. The transparent dome allows natural light to flood the inner garden, enhancing the feeling of being close to nature. The aim is to awaken one's love for life and activate the commercial space at the same time by showing the vitality of nature and expressing it artistically.