Nanjing MixC

Woods Bagot

Client: CR Land

Nanjing Sanshan MixC project is situated in the center of Nanjing, includes a total commercial GFA of over 90,000 sqm with direct access to Sanshan Street Station on Line 1, and a planned seamless connectivity to Line 5. The project fills the need of the high-end retail experience in Nanjing with a wide range of new lifestyle commercial offerings and coexists with the city’s cultural legacy.

The commercial facilities in the city’s southern region where the project is located are outdated nowadays and the new generation of customers are in dire need of novel commercial experiences. As a response to the Qinhuai district’s “Elegant Qinhuai” IP idea, the launch of Nanjing MixC is considered as a fresh beginning in the upgrading of the southern area of the city. Respecting the collective memory of the local people is at the core of urban regeneration typology. The project team has thoroughly investigated the local cultural connotations of Nanjing in the commercial strategy and spatial design, aiming to make Nanjing MixC a sub-IP of the Qinhuai District renewal. Yunzhang Gongsuo, a historic conservation building of the Yunjin Weaving Association, has been preserved as part of the project, and it is distinctively surrounded by three commercial malls and blocks in units A, B, and C. This emphasizes the collision and fusion of historic architecture and modern lifestyle, resulting in an urban landmark with a more varied consuming experience.

Yunzhang Gongsuo is the focal point of Nanjing MixC. The charming architecture is complemented by outdoor setting, landscaping, and sky garden dining, which creates a relaxed lifestyle. Residents in Nanjing now have access to upscale recreational activities thanks to the entry of international food and beverage brands. A number of new experiences and activities featured with art and technology have been offered.