Nanjing Suning Shimao Shine Cloud

Matrix Design

The project is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with a design area of 1,278 sq m and has been completed in November 2020. Matrix decided to introduce the supremacy of the Russian painter Malevich into the project after a lot of competitive product analysis and style considerations to firstly "break" and then "stand", to present things that transcend all art, including the past and the future. The space is centered on reflecting the artistry and sense of the future to build an "art city" on top of the stone city leading the vane of future sales. Through the dignified and generous three-layer exterior construction of the exquisite body, the quiet and peaceful outer core is highlighted, and a fascinating art treasure house that breaks the rules is created inward. The plastic space volume completely releases the artistic confinement and achieves the dynamic balance of architectural functionality and aesthetics through the meticulous layout of architectural techniques such as cutting, turning, and continuation. Incorporating bright details into the overall layout of black and gray to enhance the visual field of the space. This is the existential aesthetics of open skylights. The senses, touches and perceptions composed of rocks, metals, light, and crystals moisten things silently in the majestic atmosphere of the welcome area. The black gold theme is as basic tone, the plane and the three-dimensional lines are overlapping and staggered. In the high bank and deep valley of the elevated space, it is like a flying stone completely natural.