Norske Shell Headquarters

Magu Design

After the Corona pandemic broke out in 2020, a global reorganisation was initiated at Shell. This reorganisation has the aim to make the company more robust against constant changes in the energy market and set Shell up for success in the transition to new ways of producing energy. As part of this process, it was decided to design the new headquarters in Stavanger.

Magu Design has played a decisive role in this change, they have designed a new workspace that helps to create joy and enthusiasm, the new office is a place where there is a balance between human and digital interaction, a place that strengthens cohesion and supports new ways of working. An environment that allows communities to form and a sense of belonging to be achieved.

Shell chose activity-based workplaces as its office solution. Magu design’s workplace concept is designed to provide the opportunity for diverse types of collaboration, both physical and digital but also provides room for calm and privacy during concentration work. The social areas have been designed with special care and play a key role throughout the building. A balanced and harmonising atmosphere creates areas and meeting places where people want to spend time because it is inspirational.

The main materials in the building are travertine, mahogany and brushed matt bronze. Travertine has a layered texture that can be compared to the layers in the reservoirs. As part of the brief, something old must be preserved and something new produced. Mahogany together with new travertine and the use of bronze give a warm and modern expression. Details of red and green onyx give the interior character and a strong identity. The colors are warm, from golden pink shades to sand-coloured and burnt orange-red tones that provide a cozy atmosphere.