One Canada Square

Conran and Partners

Client: Canary Wharf Group

Conran and Partners recently completed the lobby redesign of the iconic 50-storey One Canada Square tower in Canary Wharf. The project, finished in December 2021, aimed to create a modern, inviting space that caters to the changing work culture of tenants.

The new lobby boasts a variety of zones, such as a two-level restaurant and bar, an espresso bar, and multiple seating areas. The design sought to maintain the essence of the original space, while enhancing its atmosphere and functionality. Inspired by boutique hotels, the interconnected shared spaces blur the lines between work and leisure.

A key challenge was breaking down the large open space into connected atmospheres with distinct purposes. The ground floor now features open office receptions, two circular reception desks, bespoke curved banquettes in hospitality areas, and a mix of formal and casual seating.

The redesign carefully preserved the core elements of the original lobby, such as the vibrant marble walls, stone floor, and coffered stainless steel ceiling. Existing restaurant and bar interiors were streamlined to highlight the staircase, and enclosing walls were removed to integrate the bar and restaurant with the lobby. The design language was harmonized to create a coherent theme that complements the entire building.

Sustainability and material innovations played a role, as existing joinery was refurbished for reuse whenever possible, and classic lobby furniture was reupholstered. New custom lighting elements, including eye-catching feature pendants, were introduced to enhance the overall ambience.

The primary goal of the redesign was to encourage people to engage and linger in the lobby, fostering a sense of community rather than merely serving as a passageway to higher office levels. The end result is a contemporary yet timeless and dynamic space, aligned with modern work culture while paying homage to the tower's iconic legacy.