Pater Noster Lighthouse

Stylt Trampoli AB

Pater Noster is Sweden's most famous lighthouse, located on the tiny island Hamneskär on the Swedish west coast. For centuries, seafarers used to read The Lord’s Prayer - Pater Noster in Latin - when they approached the hazardous waters surrounding the archipelago. The lighthouse was constructed 1868, and although the island was considered inhabitable, a house was built for the lighthouse master and his family. For over a century, generations of lighthouse keepers lived in this extreme environment, caring for the lighthouse, rescuing shipwrecked sailors, creating a small and isolated society of its own. After being deactivated in the 1970s, the lighthouse and the island was deserted. In 2020, a group of entrepreneurs signed a lease contract with the National Property Board of Sweden. Their vision: to turn the abandoned island into one of Sweden’s top destinations and convert the lighthouse keeper’s home into an experience-driven boutique hotel. Award-winning Swedish design agency Stylt created the concept, branding and interior design. The old house, a listed building of cultural and historical significance, was carefully restored and decorated, telling the story of the sea, the island and its former inhabitants. Completed in July 2020, this is a home on the horizon, offering nine guest rooms, a small restaurant and bar - a place where you can catch your own fish for dinner and experience the essence of the Swedish west coast. Pater Noster delivers authenticity, personality and privacy spiced with nature experiences and cultural history. Low-key luxury with a dash of roughness.