The project site is located in Hengli Waterway, Nansha District, Guangzhou, with "discovering an oasis" as the design inspiration, feel the role of oasis in purifying the air, through the spatial language translation of the oasis - implanting the commercial atmosphere such as coffee and book bar into the oasis theme, obtaining an interactive experience close to nature and life, and growing into an ecological experience center with poetic habitat.

It contains the outline of allegory, the tension of aesthetics, the vintage matte texture, and the relaxed interpretation of the new lifestyle, generating a deep identification with the cultural value of the healthy, independent and happy young generation of customers, and constructing a perfect imagination of the integration of human life and natural experience.

The matte pink handmade bricks take advantage of the color difference generated during the firing process to preserve a large number of details that break the homogeneity of the space for the curved wall. The resulting spatial texture presents a mottled effect, giving people a pause caused by visual damping, realizing sensory interaction and attention retention.

Connect with daily life and find empathy in memories and emotions. The mechanical industry and the natural landscape are involved in the most natural way, and the space is detached from the traditional natural/cultural divide, so that the surrounding environment in the anthropological context is associated with the moment of awakening as a modern individual as a proposal for a healthier, more vibrant, and better way of life.

Project Info.

  • Design Area: 657㎡
  • Interior Design: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
  • Design Director: Peng Zheng
  • Lead Designer: Lian Yuanchao / Ding Qi
  • Design Date: Dec, 2021
  • Completion Date: Oct, 2022
  • Client Name: YUEXIU PROPERTY
  • Main Materials: Cement tiles, Stainless steel, Terrazzo tiles, Metal mesh, Wood finish