Ping An Zhen Yi Nian · Zhen Yi No. 9 Beijing Health Exhibition Hall

Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd

Zhen Living · Zhen No. 9 Beijing Healthcare Exhibition Hall: The project is close to the East Third Ring Road, near the Liangma River esplanade, the embassy area, and the vibrant Sanlitun district.

Aging leads to decreased ability to discern colors, reduced tolerance for bright lights, longer adaptation times to changes in luminosity, and impaired object recognition in dim environments. Seniors also tend to exhibit heightened sensitivity to intense lighting. Given these age-related changes, proper lighting design in senior spaces requires a balance of different factors such as light intensity, color temperature, and color rendering indices. These considerations will help ensure comfortable and functional indoor environments for elderly residents. 

Design inherently involves people; therefore, our approach is to create designs catering to specific human activities and demands. Accordingly, in exhibition hall lighting design, avoiding distractingly bright light that can compromise seniors’ vision, and employing instead more indirect light becomes a top priority. Combined natural elements and dimensions within a space revealed by indirect light creates a gentle, multi-layered ambiance that fosters a comfortable living environment for elders. By integrating various types of light sources, we strive to achieve ideal visual comfort in accordance with human vision physiology and psychological preferences.