Preen Inc.

The design is of an originated desert view with a stylized, lightly French aesthetic. The result is a design based on desert inversions and sacred axes. The main dining space features a mighty, inverted pyramid, slagged in earthy rose-tan plaster. Warm, mellow light casts down over and spills out from under leather and sunset hued limestone dining sofas, rose glass tables and rust-rose color toned rug.

Materials are earth based, stones and slagged plasters. Colors are all the tones of sunset in the desert. From elevator experience rooms to chef-focused dining, main dining area, bar and patios, the space is organized by wide charcoal arches. A step fluted, diamond shaped concrete bar hosts framed desert views. Liquor bottles are captured at the horizon line in husky sunset pink glass at the horizon line. The restaurant features a grand patio for lounging, dining and expansive views of the sacred land. At one end of the patio, an outdoor living room with figurative plaster are accented by a candlelight wall. At the other end, low cacti landscaping and firepit invite one last desert view.