YuQiang & Partners

Client: Shenzhen Pure NFTea Investment CO.,Ltd

1. Tea Culture Reinterpreted

PURE NFTEA is a tea brand located in C Future City, Futian District, Shenzhen. The brand's name "PURE" is a transliteration of "Pu'er". The client aims to reinterpret tea culture in a fresh way and challenge young people's perceptions of Chinese tea. EK Design transformed traditional spatial experiences, creating a dynamic conflict that appeals to younger generations and engages them in tea culture.

2. Deconstruction

The space consists of indoor and outdoor areas, both with a triangular horizontal plane. The tea store and the shopping mall attract traffic, creating challenges for independent style, but also freedom for creativity. The beams, columns, booths, and bar showcase traditional Chinese architecture's joinery techniques, using the mortise-and-tenon structure.

To tackle the challenge of the acute triangle horizontal plane, the design team maximized space utilization while minimizing the sense of narrowness. They added parallel beams to the existing columns and created new decorative columns at the joints. They created passages out of the angles to make use of the corners, constructing an asymmetrical yet balanced frame on the horizontal plane. 

3. Painting Inspiration

The painting is inspired by the "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" scroll, blending realistic and romantic elements. It incorporates three ancient paintings, "Shanglin Park," "Huishan Tea Party," and "Tea Extraction," edited to combine modern ideology and traditional copper plate printing techniques.

4. Red Soil

The red soil of Yiwu resembles Pu'er tea in color saturation. The design team extracted the natural colors of both the soil and tea to showcase the unique terroir of Pu'er and the rich history of Chinese tea.

5. Fusion of Function and Design

The tea store incorporates innovative tea beverages and socializing functions, designed with a variety of seating options. The bar seating seamlessly blends with the existing beams and columns.