Rose Hill

Cetraruddy Architecture

Rose Hill is a new 45-story residential building located on East 29th Street in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. The building design sources inspiration from Rockefeller Group’s landmark developments, namely Rockefeller Center, and the building’s neighborhood context. NoMad’s architectural fabric includes a variety of building styles with unifying undertones of masonry and earth tone colors, and an attention to detailing and patterns from the 1920s-40s. Drawing from these influences, the building features an expressive glass and metallic bronze façade, accented with chevron patterns, intricate detailing and expansive windows, referencing a classically Gotham aesthetic interpreted in a modern vocabulary. The interior design reflects the architectural expression on the exterior, referencing context and history while adapting to modern living. The residential units are largely inspired by artists’ lofts, and many include flex spaces designed to evolve with residents’ lives. The interior design approach incorporates a curated selection of elemental materials that celebrate their natural state: honed stones, hand rubbed wood and burnished metals echo qualities of the earth while bolder materials accentuate the spirit of the building and its distinct downtown attitude. To promote community within the residential building, public and amenity spaces are designed to flow into one another and create flexible environments for work, and socializing. In the tradition of NoMad’s cultural history, the building celebrates and integrates art throughout. Highlights include lobby murals echoing the great tradition of Rockefeller Center, sculptural art screens, articulated balcony designs and custom mosaics in the pool celebrating the relief sculptures of Rockefeller Center.