Salesforce Hyderabad Lobby

Mark Cavagnero Associates

Salesforce Hyderabad is a key hub in the Asia-Pacific region for the global company. To accommodate their growth in India and the region at-large, the company moved into a 20-story high-rise featuring a distinct, new Ground Level Lobby.

The Ground Level is quite spacious with 20’ high ceilings. To bring in some warmth and scale to the cavernous space, we dropped in an oak wood slat volume that runs floor-to-ceiling. In between the slats is a sound-absorptive insulation and fabric assembly that balances the acoustics of this large public room. Playful Salesforce branding elements like the 26’ x 15’ LED video wall and the full-height tiled art mural are carefully framed within the wood volume. While disguised behind the wood volume are series of base building structural columns, back-of-house infrastructure, and support spaces. This language of the oak slats is synonymous with Salesforce’s reception desks in every office and clearly ties together with the company’s global real estate identity. A coffee bar and a classroom-style training room with an adjoining lounge round out the lobby’s front-of-house program, all thoughtfully placed to allow the flexibility for various types of events to be hosted for employees and guests.