Shenzhen Metro Line 16

The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts & Vantree Design

Shenzhen Metro Line 16, with a total length of 29.2 kilometers and was completed on November 29, 2022. 

Designers adhere to the principle of adapting to local conditions, extracting the unique landscape stone structure image of the Universiade Center, and further evolving it into a crystal shape. The multi-faceted shape of the crystal combined with the transparency of the material itself, and through geometric triangulation of the white ceiling, it echoes the shape of the rift valley, to create a cultural station space rich in contemporary art aesthetics.

Secondly, element extraction is carried out through interstellar motion to achieve the design theme of the Technology University station, which is "The beauty of technology originates from nature". Present dynamic spatial curve changes with regular centripetal trajectories, evenly distribute LED strip lighting on the curved arch, simulating the interstellar motion trajectory, reflecting the rapid development of technology in Shenzhen.

In the Pingshanwei station, designers is extracted and designed from the elements of Hakka culture, which are "around the Hakka Enclosed House, there are green lotus swaying gently, reflecting the clear and visible bottom of the moon’s pool" to design and create a series of childlike sculptures. It pays tribute to every new and old Shenzhen resident who have lived on the river of history, and to realize that life always has the beauty of being positive and striving.

Shuanglong station with profound cultural heritage, twisting the space with the ‘posture of a wandering dragon’, the similar design to dragon scales and shell windows are arranged within the station, and create a clear feeling through the sunlight pouring on them, symbolizing the winding and circling of the inherited giant dragon here, driving the revitalization of the urban area and the development of culture and tourism, witnessing the fusion of technology and tradition.

Photo Credit: Vantree Design

TECHNICAL TEAM: Xiaofeng Li, Dejun Li, Jinge Li, Weijun Su

Architect: The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts & Vantree Design