Located in the historic, Mule Barns of the Fort Worth Stockyards originating in 1912, an 80,000 st adaptive reuse project tying both the history of the area with the tech forward thinking, fast growing company. With so much character, not only are the barns an impressive space for an office build out, but by moving into the barns,’s new workplace truly promoted a sense of community for the employees. There is now opportunity for all employees to sit in the same size workstation and on one main level. This helped to break down the silos of different teams and instead, create a sense of connectiveness and community. By partnering with key consultants, the team was able to properly design a space that met Energy Codes, even when occupying a barn that is over 100 years old. The old roof had never supported such weight but the team was able to find an efficient HVAC solution that met everyone’s requirements. The Barns also had beautiful clearstory windows which were updated to be more energy efficient. These windows provided great natural light which reduced the electrical lighting needs yet still ensuring quality light throughout the space. With a predicted LPD of .75, the project was able to capture a baseline LPD of .82. Key strategies in achieving energy efficiency included Daylight Harvesting, use of occupancy sensors and light timers. The project was also able to achieve 30% more efficient lighting than code required.