St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - Kay Research and Care Center


In 2015, the design intent for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s new ICU inpatient floors is “magical and whimsical”. In addition, the experience on each floor, from the moment of arrival, “engage the child”, “tell a story”, “be fun”, and “appeal to all ages”. The nature of care provided for patients at St. Jude requires that children and their families be admitted for months at a time; therefore, the design must provide respite from the stress of their situation, whether through imaginative play or immersive distraction. Programs include: • Fit-Up of shell space, 90,000 sq ft • 3 Floors each having 17 Patient Rooms with connecting Parent Suites • Uniquely themed floors: Nature, Ocean and Space • Immersive Multi-Purpose Event Space • Designated Child Playroom, Rehabilitation, Pre-Teen and Teen Rooms • QoLa Care designated Palliative Care Room with connection to Family Lounge Design Services Include: • Interior Design • Experiential Graphic Design • Wayfinding & Signage • Furniture and Fixtures • Artwork Program All three floors use environmental graphics, custom interactive games, and interior design elements to offer a unique thematic experience including: Nature's Orchestra, Discover the Sea, and Explore Space. Throughout each patient unit, play and imagination abound through the “Shadow Boxes” at the Care Team Stations and "Discovery Walls" throughout the patient corridors. Each ‘Discovery Wall’ features LCD displays programmed for gestural interactive play. This high-tech interactive environment acknowledges the child of the modern age and introduces entertainment as a part of the healing process.