There is one whole between human and nature.

Taking the stars as inspiration,modern human is creating another romantic. Located in the riverside of Wanlv Lake, Starry Sky Town is playing the most important role in the local eco-tourism. As the branch of Heyuan City Library, the design of this project must both comes in response to the surrounding environment and brings the badly-needed public cultural functions to the new town. Now in this epidemic time, in the ideal consumerism, people gradually be aware of the clear air, original nature, pure water and the distinct seasons experience is treasured , which is making of the beautiful starry sky for living. This is the value of Starry Star Town. Design Area: 2,000㎡ Interior Design: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD. Design Director: Peng Zheng Lead Designer: Xie Zekun Design Team: Xie Zishan / Zheng Jinxuan / Wu Yonglong Design Date: Dec, 2020 Completion Date: April, 2022 Client Name: POLY EASTERN GUANGDONG INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Main Materials: Stone, Mirror stainless steel, Punch aluminum plate, Wood finishes,Verniciai product, Carpet