China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd. is a leading operator of new industrial cities in China founded in 1998. (20/08/2019, 2,200 sq m) Project description:This case is an urban renewal and renovation project. It is the site of a long-established blanket factory. It has witnessed the development of the prosperous Jiangnan textile industry. In the design of the project, the designer respects the original culture and residual status of the space, retains the historical elements, and equips it with modern diversified functional spaces to inject new vitality into this space. The case can be divided into two major areas: the historical exhibition hall and the community art center.The Community Art Center is a youth art activity center for young people. It also has the function of a library. The historical exhibition hall is mainly used for display and promote the history and culture development of Leidian textile industry. The main body of the space follows the architectural structure of the old factory building,The designer translate the yarn elements of the textile machine into a modern design language, combined with the light to present the top and façade design of the space. The line-shaped roof makes the space more visually malleable. The light strips above the reception desk follow the roof, as if a huge textile machine and let the space cross through history and lead people to regain the memory of history.