TFD Shenzhen Flagship Store

PMT Partners Ltd.


The Fashion Door is a well-known independent designer multi-brand store. It honors original design, independent characters and fine tastes, and explores avant-garde original designer brands worldwide.

Every creator is an island and a growing tree. The Fashion Door is like an artificial forest that allows creative souls to grow freely and connects all islands.

This 500sqm store is divided into “island” and “bark house” installations, each covering an area of dozens of square meters. The 1-2 sqm island shelves and hangers could also be the display window of an independent designer. Connected together, they form the whole picture of the store. The space installations are built into the forms of grass, trees, islands, mountains and stones with varying distances between each other. The moving lines flow across the space like streams. The visitors feel like they are in the nature of mountains, forests and valleys.

The bark houses are dedicated to designers with a large amount of work. They are inspired by the shanties built with bark in the coastal areas in south China. Lacking industrial construction materials in the past, locals combined the sequoia bark and the felt to build shanties near the sea. These buildings are not only an extension of the natural ecosystem but a symbol of free growth. Under the theme of the ecosystem, they represent a wise lifestyle.

Therefore, the processed reed was put into the metal frames. The solar panels further create a virtual-real effect. With round corners, the treehouses create several independent spaces while rising as the space outside the valley.