The Executive Council of Dubai

dwp | design worldwide partnership

This project encapsulates the creation of a tranquil and innovative space that mirrors the client's business ethos while fostering interaction among team members and guests. Driven by the beauty of the natural landscape, the design embodies a harmonious fusion of finesse and function, molding materials into dynamic shapes that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Key aspects of the design are its commitment to sustainability, the priority on natural materials, and the creation of sensory experiences that transcend the ordinary.

Collaboration areas, concealed within lush greenery, invite users to engage in intellectual exchanges that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Central to this design is the café, a warm, inviting hub of staff engagement, characterized by an elegant simplicity that mirrors the natural landscape. Thoughtful integration of pockets of greenery further enhances the ambiance, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration.

The design prioritizes natural materials, principally timber, to shape the space and provide a holistic experience. A light color palette enhances the interior's sense of openness, promoting relaxation and comfort. Simultaneously, this design approach showcases the building's commitment to environmental sustainability and timeless elegance.

Inclusivity is another key aspect of the design, accommodating individuals with disabilities through strategically placed diverse floor finishes and special wall treatments. Additionally, the design overcomes the challenge of acoustics in a highly transparent space, enhancing the acoustic performance of each closed office.

The project showcases a harmonious coexistence of function and aesthetics through an organic approach to planning, with scrupulous attention to detail. The design balances form and function, integrating modern amenities with natural elements. With a focus on sustainability and longevity, this project minimizes environmental impact while creating a beautiful, functional space that inspires and delights users. The project is a testament to the dwp team's commitment to innovative, sustainable designs.