The Robinson

Fossey Arora

Creativity. Eccentricity. Quirkiness.

Glory. Celebration. Togetherness. Welcome to The Robinson. Quintain Living tasked Fossey Arora with delivering a ‘very strong identity’ for recent graduates in its 458 Build to Rent apartments at The Robinson in Wembley Park (named after The Graduate’s iconic Mrs Robinson). Fossey Arora delivered a celebration of Britishness in all its multi-faceted, multi-cultural glory. It honours iconic designers, royalty, music, history and art, along with the best of British humour and eccentricity. It brings residents together and delivers community, energy and delight. It’s the Platinum Jubilee in building form. You can feel The Robinson’s spirit the moment you enter the over-large, metal panel front doors into the Wonderland of the super-lobby. Timber panelling provides a sense of familiarity and comfort, along with wallpaper that would be at home in your grandma’s house, overlaid with translucent curtains that create a sense of theatre and possibility as light refracts from a giant mirror ball. Completed on 21 June 2021, The Robinson takes residents tumbling down Lewis Carroll’s rabbit hole with Alice, inspiring curiosity and playfulness at every turn, inspiring residents to enjoy every moment. From its Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Garden to its rooftop slide and work-from-home campervans, The Robison constantly surprises and delights. The building pays homage not just to Lewis Carroll but to icons and trailblazers including Paul Smith, Damien Hirst and John Lennon. The development uplifts and energises its residents – it’s the ultimate antidote to the greyness of modern life.