The Sales Center of Poly. FS. Skyline Garden

T.K. Chu Design

Designed by T.K. Chu Design, the Sales Center of Poly. FS. Skyline Garden is located in Dongguan City, Guangzhou Province, which is part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with rapid economic development. This transit-oriented development project is along the Dongjiang River with rich ecological resources and cultural atmospheres. Most of the people who choose to live here are the elites in the technology and manufacturing industries. As a response, the architecture and landscape start from human longing for the “skyline” and creates a theme of interstellar to touch the inner desire of the audience for unknown explorations. T.K. Chu Design was engaged in the interior design of this 1,200 sq m sales center, which was completed in October of 2020. For a 3-layer glass box, the interior is like a display in the vitrine, attracting passers-by. Designers create a dreamlike “interstellar space station” in the interior. Sci-fi artworks are placed in the interior by collaboration with artists Cheng Hua, Lu Zheng and ALTTA. T.K. Chu Design acts as a curator and narratively connects the imaginative spaces. The universe elements are deconstructed into spaceships, planets, meteorites, orbit, meteors, and others. Then, designers reconstruct them into different scenes, guiding visitors to complete “A Space Odyssey”. In consideration of sustainability, this sales office will be transferred to a chamber for the residents in the future.