The Zentral Kitchen


As our world awakens to its environmental impacts of food delivery, conscientious urbanites seek more sustainable options. SHIKAKU is a concept born out of this demand; providing high quality food with the most minimal waste possible. Imagine a chef’s dining experience at your door step; with the use of recyclable bento boxes and no guilt of disposing single-use containers or cutleries. For in-restaurant diners, the sensual experience provokes mindfulness in dining. The 92 sq m restaurant is equally split between chefs and diners, with the kitchen located centrally, and diners at the periphery window-views. Through the window brise-soleil and the gradient perforation, natural light streams in different forms, casting strips or sparkles as the day passes. Inspired by how a bento box is divided into partitions of various delicacies, each seating niche is equipped with a set of wooden furniture, accommodating individuals, a pair, or group of diners. A reflective panel centered above the main dining table mirrors subtle hues of the outside greenery or the colourful food below, adding an ephemeral spectacle. To offset the cold quality of stainless steel, forms are articulated in different sheens to give a delicate impression. Wooden accents such as recycled flooring, furniture, and door handles all strike a sensual balance together. SHIKAKU’s core value stems from a respect for people and the earth. By scrutinizing every inch of the design, Lukstudio creates a dialogue between the nature and purpose of a place, elevating the daily act of cooking and eating into a mindful retreat.