Tyro Payments


The Tyro Payments project, completed in April 2022, is an innovative 6,000m2 workspace spanning six floors, designed specifically to support and nurture a neurodiverse workforce in an inclusive environment.

The brief from Tyro Payments sought a workspace promoting connection, diverse thinking, and inclusion. Our interpretation hinged on four pillars: connectivity, innovation, diversity, and flexibility. 

One of our primary goals was to cater to a neurodiverse workforce, thus, we created a variety of workspaces that accommodate a full spectrum of sensory preferences. We designed spaces with complete acoustic separation for those sensitive to auditory stimuli, and used color and texture to define each space's function, allowing for an intuitive experience. Lighting levels vary throughout the workspace to accommodate individual preferences, with 50% of workstations near windows and the rest deep within the floor plan. We also provided seating on the periphery of social spaces, offering a place for those who prefer to observe rather than engage directly.

We developed an inclusive design that extends beyond physical space. A centralized app allows smartphone-controlled entry, automated locker access, and workspace bookings, accommodating a variety of interaction comfort levels. It also provides real-time data on space usage, enabling employees to choose spaces according to their preferences and comfort.

We ensured sustainable practices were integral to our design. Reusing 1,284 items from the previous site and existing infrastructure reduced landfill by 80%. Energy-conserving lighting cut energy costs by 30%. 

The project showcases a future-fit workspace that adapts to the business and workforce's evolution. This design, sensitive to neurodiversity and fostering inclusivity, sets a blueprint for future workspaces.