UAD Campus in ZITOWN

The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd

As a national 3A prefabricated building and 3A Green building, it totally retains the original intention of the design, that is, do not to be bound by technology, but let technology serve for the design. Thanks to the integrated design method of whole system integration and full professional participation, it creates a place full of humanistic feelings to emphasizes that industrialization is also related to poetry, thus breaking the stereotype of general prefabricated buildings as rough, simple and cold.

In order to use modern materials to express humanistic feelings, the designer takes advantage of the spirit of natural landscape—The interior space is mainly in white; The designer gets rid of all complicated decorations to make sure the space is white and pure; The wall is decorated with green plants between steel and cement, where a harmony between the sense of order and seriousness of technology is achieved; Column, beam and floor are all precast structure; The floor is made of partial composite floor slab to minimize the cast-in-situ concrete volume; The main girder is with honeycomb beam where main beam equipment lines are in good order. In this way, a good view of the space is maintained. People’s activities and daily chores do help to the pleasant atmosphere here.

Taking the image of towering green bamboo, the designer uses parametric customization to create the design highlights of "bamboo shadow". Firstly, a picture of bamboo forest in nature is used to form vectorized data through computer pixelation processing. Through parameterization, the texture of the bamboo forest is used into the appearance of the structure. To control the visual effect of outdoor light, a construction robot is employed to control the various turning angles of the perforation of aluminum plate.