Wahroonga House

Tom Mark Henry

Drawing upon the site’s architectural period and surrounding bushland, Wahroonga House is an example of mid-century modern design, referencing the warmth and playfulness of Palm Springs balanced with a laid-back sense of sophistication. Evoking a strong connection to the mid-century residential architecture of Palm Springs, the sinuous flow from exterior to interior induces an earthy interior balanced by the site’s laid-back Australian modernist architecture. The brief was to design a home for a growing family that is as practical and versatile as it is beautiful and exciting. The core of the house, including the kitchen, living and dining space has been designed as the heart of the home, featuring white painted timber lined ceilings with triangular structural beams which reference the strong, clean lines of modernist design. It is the surrounding bushland that governs the interior material palette, the use of rich golden brown hues and the deep forest green cabinetry complement the site’s natural bushland of flora and fauna creating a unified space from the inside out.