Westin London City

Dexter Moren Associates

DMA’s design for The Westin London City embraces its location, between river and city, providing inspiration for both the interior and exterior of this incredibly exciting and challenging project.

Our client, the 4C Hotel Group, came to us over a decade ago, with an existing permission to develop a hotel on the site. DMA were brought on board as hotel specialist architects and interior designers to really make the hotel work. The 20,600m2 (GIA) hotel opened on 1 November 2021. The new hotel responds sensitively to its context, both within the City of London and on the River Thames, providing public access between the city and the river, via the hotel’s public areas. The river facing south end takes inspiration from the water and more organic forms, and the north, City facing end takes inspiration from tailoring and more rectilinear forms. The Haven, the hotels entrance lobby, is flooded with natural light from the atrium and features a bespoke art installation. The hotel’s Heavenly Spa features a pool, which has been delicately positioned around the archaeological remains of the Huggin Hill Bathhouse. The public areas include Hithe & Seek bar, with spectacular panoramic views across the river towards the Southbank. For the exterior, solid stone anchors the building, whilst a mix of glass and bronze metal add reflection to the upper storeys where angled bedroom windows afford fantastic city views. The building is confined from above by the St Paul’s height limitations, which gives the building its distinctive wedge-shape.