White•ZS Lab

Domani Architectural

White in the East has always been a concept. From the “white drawing” - a technique of line drawing in Chinese painting, to the “white remaining” - the intention of leaving blank while drawing, until the concept of"emptiness" under a religious perspective, the understanding of “white”can be a milestone upgrading of collective thinking. Actually, "white" is often used in modern Western architecture,but the "white" stands for simple design and straightforward expression. The "white" concept, was born in the East. Zhuangzi has shown his understanding of “white” in Ren Jian Shi: Only when the room is “white” (empty) can the sun shine in. At that time, "white" still had some substantial content on the brink of nihilism, such as silence, the meaning of useless or the wisdom of not knowing. The interpretation of "white" by Zhuangzi had its functional usage. He tried to use this kind of attitude to explain a flexible relationship, and this was also his way of life. Therefore, we take Zhuangzi’s "white" and frame a building in a specific environment. It is not to show, in essence, the extreme simplicity of popular modernism design (but we do not refuse or care either). What it expresses is the mentality of calm. No matter the role settling of a small building in a narrow street, or the expression of a new brand in its beginning, the sense of calm and openness are all the decisions at the beginning of thinking and drafting.