Wuhan Greenland 606 Centre

Woods Bagot

Design vision of Wuhan Greenland 606 Center is to develop a creative social retail hub. The distinctive interior design and strategy delivers a new retail concept alongside entertainment and experiences that goes beyond shopping, appeals to the young generation, and addresses future of retail. The eight levels of Wuhan Greenland 606 Centre have been split into dual design modes, with an urban stage from Basement 1 to Level 3 and an extremely large atrium void at the heart of the mall extending 46 metres up to the ceiling of Level 3. The featured escalator in the middle of the atrium brings visitors all the way up from Level 1 to an imagined Isle of Laputa on Level 4. Here, the retail concept shifts to lifestyle experiences and passion clusters – spaces where people can indulge in their own interests. They can meet and make new like minded friends and share experiences that they are passionate about. A rock-climbing wall and an indoor basketball court on Level 5 are another focal point of the mall. Aside from a cinema, there is a venue for arts and DIY crafts on Level 6. Level 7 is home to Yama, a magical forest-themed place to play, eat and drink where is bathed in natural light and a wealth of greenery. Wuhan Greenland 606 Centre created an unique enjoyable experience. The ever-changing space seeks to redefine retail by not only providing themed, interactive stores and new retail concepts but also experiences of discovery and opportunities to connect.