Xi'an Angel Clinic

Woods Bagot

The Xi'an Angel Children's Clinic is a three-story neighborhood clinic. The Woods Bagot design team, which has a profound understanding of the needs of the children and their families, has changed the atmosphere of the conventional children's clinic by utilizing cozy lighting, plush furnishings, and greenery to create a cozy atmosphere through colors and textures to distract the children and lessen their anxiety.

The client Angel Medical Holdings Group is a Sino-foreign joint venture medical investment company that offers Chinese and foreign families high-quality, cutting-edge, all-in-one maternity and pediatric medical services. Currently, it conducts business with Maternity Hospitals, Reproductive Medicine Centers, and Women and children clinics. The outpatient clinics are all centered on the local Angel Maternity Hospitals, allowing Angel's clients easy access and expanding Angel's services to the community.

The Xi'an Angel Children's clinic is the first clinic project to be completed as part of Angel's establishment of three new children's clinics in Xi'an, Chengdu, and Kunming. According to the design brief, we had to tie together the three clinics' themes so that all clinics could use the same design language. Additionally, the layout ought to enhance the medical experience of kids and their families. 

The Xi'an Clinic established a unifying tone for the future clinics. By utilizing cozy lighting, plush furnishings, and greenery to create a cozy ambiance through color, texture, and shape, the Woods Bagot design team transformed the conventional child care setting. The team is highly knowledgeable about the requirements of kids and their families.