Zhenmeihui Clinic

Woods Bagot

Oubang beauty is a leading practice of beauty care in China. The science-based approach focuses on awakening the body's innate regenerative capabilities. The experience for this new type of clinic saw a unity of the three aspects of business - Zhenmeihui (anti-aging service), Hair Bar (hair salon) and G&H (women's health service). The design team provided a full service offering in terms of Visioning, Interior Design, Styling, Brand and Visual Identity consulting.

The designers’ mission is to curate an exceptional guest journey - a relaxed, private and specialised medical experience for the chain clinic in 3 locations - two in Shanghai, one in Zhengzhou. Space planning is the key. Beyond defining a distinction between FOH and BOH, the project saw an opportunity for its spatial experiences to extend typically classified zones, where linger, respite and solitude were identified as key journey moments to design for. The use of neutrals, solids and transparency all became the strategy to create a private, respectful, and caring environment that was narrated beyond the project scope lines. Wellness-oriented spaces have become more than just places for healing during the global pandemic. The design team approached the project with the understanding that health is both a feeling and a foundation. So, the Zhenmeihui space were driven by holistic physical and emotional experiences and built on consistent respect for health, resulting in a design that embodies Oubang’s philosophy of preservation of beauty, and a spatial narrative of “Timeless Change” that celebrates the balance between preservation and evolution.