Kesha Franklin

CEO/Halden Interiors , HALDEN Interiors

Kesha Franklin's intuitive sense of style, creativity and harmony goes back to her formative years, where she was introduced to the world of beauty and design through her father's vast collection of Architectural Digest and the renowned GQ magazine. The exposure to art, luxurious interiors and fine men's wear was what captivated her creativity. And, it shows. The spaces she reinvents today under Halden Interiors are impeccable. Kesha's striking aesthetic as an interior designer is not only shaped by her ability to curate color palettes, balanced textures and distinct furnishings, but is also influenced by her ability to understand and connect with people. Every design project begins with a heart-to-heart. To date, Kesha, has been named Star on the Rise by the Iconic Decoration and Design Building in NYC and Designer to Watch by the Black Interior Designers Network. She has been featured on Elle D├ęcor, NBC's Open House, Business of Home, House Beautiful and Architectural Digest, just to name a few, and counts celebrities and high-profile athletes among her clientele. With her innate sense of style, Kesha is defined by a commitment to highly personalized service for luxury interiors. Interior Design is not just her career-it's her passion.