Ruth Wassermann

Design Director , Ruth Wassermann Studio

Ruth is a creative leader, with a track record in Helping businesses to grow and diversify through innovative product and brand programs.  She champions playfulness to drive creativity, has a knack for combining creative intuition with insight and data and is experienced in using design-thinking practices, all helping to help make creative workspaces fun, innovative and effective.  A genuine passion for building sustainable practices in her work has included steering corporate strategy and commissioning formal Lifecycle Analyses as well as implementing best-practices for design and source. She is a Design Council Expert supporting them on their mission of Design for Planet.  From 2013 she led product design from punchy start-up to one of the world's fastest growing design brands through to IPO, via three new collections a week, several new product categories and a crowdfunding platform for emerging design. She has worked in-house a senior design leader for over 20 years, and now works as an independent consultant support businesses and brands with strategy and new product propositions.