Founder , Salone Del Salon

Born and grew up in a design family, Salone is deeply influenced by the cultural inheritance from his family, and has an innate passion for creativity. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Interior Design and a master’s degree in Surface & Textile Design from the top school of fashion and design Istituto Marangoni. After graduation, he returned to China and then founded the design brand SALONE DEL SALON, with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Foshan. With the integration of Oriental and Western cultures, he practices multi-dimensional design thinking in projects. He applies artistic, fashionable spatial expressions and innovative systematic business models to projects, and seeks a balance between design aesthetics and commercial value.

As a young designer with rich practical experience and spirit of exploration, Salone works on a wide range of project typologies, including catering space, bar, brand retail store, corporate exhibition hall, office, private clubhouse, etc. His creative works, where artistic expressions and cultural contexts are fused into spaces, won a host of international awards and also received widespread attention from global media. In addition, Salone is also an outstanding forward-looking investor. He is adept at connecting design with commerce, culture with consumption, space with community through product thinking, and advocates inclusive, interdisciplinary and sustainable business model innovation to enhance integration of city, economy, and life.