Welcome to the World Interiors News Awards 2018

Each year, the World Interiors News Awards (WIN Awards) welcomes entries from Interior Designers, Architects and Product Designers of all sizes and offers a fantastic opportunity for you to gain recognition and exposure for your work.

We deliver maximum exposure for your newly completed projects and products, welcoming entries completed in the last 3 years, from design studios of all sizes and specialties.

When entering into the WIN Awards, you will be in with a chance of having your work presented to a panel of top international experts, reaching new heights with your project viewed on a global platform and receive a personal invitation to our award ceremony at the end of the year.

New for 2018: two new categories; Branding Display & Visual Merchandising, focusing on commercial installations, seasonal window displays, shop-front and entrance design; and Commercial Branding Concept, including commercial logo design, packaging, signage, business card, supporting app and website concepts as well as way-finding design.

WIN 2018 Awards Ceremony

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